Holistic Counselling

Illness, dissatisfaction at the workplace, in the family or in a relationship, depression, avolition, inhibitions, fears, restlessness, pointlessness, existential angst, emptiness, sleeplessness...

Every problem has a message at its core which will show us the way to solve it and thus to grow personally and to benefit from improved health, balance and zest for life.

Personal counselling begins with an extended introductory discussion to develop a detailed picture of the client’s life situation.

Depending upon the individual case and the issues raised, we then proceed by applying elements taken from meditation, relaxation techniques, Buddhist psychotherapy, energetic healing, NLP, various spiritual philosophies, work with the inner child and changing of beliefs. A programme for optimum practical everyday support is subsequently developed with recommendations for workshops, books and further appropriate alternative therapeutic methods.

Life Goals and Success

All too often a person may become stuck in a rut or get bogged down by his or her personal circumstances. The attainment of objectives plays a key role in enhancing our zest for life. Acting in tune with our destiny – our personal goal in life – releases hitherto undreamt-of powers.

In our vision work we develop new private and/or professional goals with the aid of various techniques (personality, experiences, abilities, material goals, relationships, etc.). The pathway to such a long-term vision is underpinned by many small individual steps, thus assuring an ongoing sense of achievement.

Subsequent coaching provides support in the planning and implementation of this vision and help in overcoming any difficulties that may arise. People who live in accord with their own values and visions attain fulfillment in their private life, in their profession and in their relationships.


The coaching provides support specially for leaders and managers to be very successful and at the same time acting consciously in these new times.