Energetic Healing

Vital energy (Prana, Chi, Ether, Orgone, etc.) is expressed in the physical, spiritual, and mental state of a person. Any blockage or hyperfunction of this vital energy will cause illnesses or metal disorders.

The goal of energetic healing is to restore the correct flow
of vital energy and to release blockages. As a result, this
renewed flow of vital energy can restore mental and physical
health, joy, and serenity.


There is nothing magical or esoteric about Energetic Healing. Back in 1998 the recognised German physicist Professor Popp was able to prove that all living organisms communicate by emission of light (as biophotons), whose principal purpose is to transmit information. It could be demonstrated at the Institute of Biophysics, located at Neuss in Germany, that some persons are able to intensify the biophoton radiation of their hands far above the normal level by force of willpower, thus explaining what happens during the energetic healing process.

As a mediator, the therapist connects with a universal energy of love, coordinates and concentrates this healing energy and can thus activate and enhance the self-healing powers of a client. This frequently solves everyday problems, overcomes illness, relieves blockages, and modifies perspectives.