One of the tasks of the Steffen Lohrer Foundation is to disseminate knowledge about personal growth and to support people on their way to inner peace and serenity.

Every day I receive several high-quality newsletters or texts relating to personal growth and health. I select the really good items and distribute them, sometimes together with some of my own observations, about 2 times a week in the form of a personal Newsletter to all interested parties.

Hier können Sie per Mail Ihre Newsletter verwalten
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As a rule, the Newsletter addresses the following topics:

  • 1 Personality/Growth
  • 2 Self love/Self confidence
  • 3 Good relationships
  • 4 Communication/Right kind of criticism
  • 5 Inner child/Problem solving/Negative emotions
  • 6 Changing beliefs/Changing habits
  • 7 Acceptance/Inner peace/Happiness
  • 8 Meditation/Relaxation
  • 9 A Mindfulness/Here+Now
  • 10 Spirituality/Masters/Philosophies
  • 11 Health
  • 12 Energetic healing
  • 13 Success/Money
  • 14 Visions/Goals/Law of resonance