Steffen Lohrer

Steffen Lohrer

Born in 1965, graduate industrial engineer, many years of experience as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

All sessions are held in an atmosphere of empathy, appreciation and love. The choice of methods is based on a blend of eastern and western philosophies (Advaita, Yoga, Buddhism, Christianity etc.).

Areas of specialist training:

  • Buddhist psychotherapist
  • Several training courses in Energetic Healing
  • Healer recommended by the International Agency for Outstanding Healers (IAOH)
    (International Agency for Outstanding Healers)
  • Healer observing the guidelines of the German Spiritual Healing Association (Dachverbandes Geistiges Heilen e.V.)
  • Mediumship and intuition (G. Smith, S. Geiger)
  • Reincarnation therapist (A. Philippi)
  • Yoga instructor (BYV)


All specialist training benefitted hugely from numerous seminars, books, and personal experience:

In-depth work with various spiritual masters, meditation, mystery school, relationship work, kinesiology, tantra, NLP, family constellations, channelling, work with the inner child, homoeopathy.

Steffen Lohrer worked for many years as an entrepreneur and M&A consultant. As Business Angel he founded or financed several start-up companies and has held numerous positions on supervisory, management and advisory boards.
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Personal development, yoga, meditation, reading, travel

I am particularly grateful to the following teachers:
Samarpan, Krishnananda and Amana, Osho, Satyam Nadeen,
Dr. Matthias Ennenbach, Prem Saurava, Axel Philippi, Ramesh Balsekar, Gordon Smith, Christine Hense-Ringel, Stefan Geiger, Moti.